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The organizers invited by the State Department of Commerce: more than 50 overseas business department, CCPIT overseas institutions, Federation of machinery industry and the professional association jointly released the exhibition information, welcome to China purchasing machine tool equipment overseas buyers.

◆ Industry Association: by car, mould, machinery, aerospace and other relevant industry associations nearly 30 invited to organize its members to visit, procurement.

◆ VIP invited buyers: invite the defense industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, electric power equipment industry VIP customers to purchase, to provide free traffic tickets and hotel accommodation to ensure it is meeting for VIP/VVIP buyers.

◆ business matching: the precise invited buyers, before the show for exhibitors to provide the corresponding to the buyers information, and arranged in the supply and demand sides show midpoint approached to point.

Economic center, active in the market: Shanghai economic circle and the Yangtze River Delta from China's largest automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, new energy, mold manufacturing, power generation and transmission and distribution, electronic information industry, machine tool industry users, become a machine tool enterprises pay much attention to and fully extended a hotly contested spot.

International certification, effects of the day long: MWCS international exhibitions union UFI certification.

Germany, Italy, Czech, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, American area for many years to participate, bring the processing equipment and manufacturing technology first-class, also makes the MWCS become the highest degree of internationalization of the exhibition Chinese machine after CIMT, overseas exhibitors ratio as high as 33%. Multi linkage exhibition, integration of industry chain: many achievements exhibition jointly complete industrial chain.

Multi linkage exhibition, integration of industry chain: many achievements exhibition jointly complete industrial chain. Compared with other professional machine tool exhibition, MWCS the same host of industrial automation, new energy vehicles, electric power, aerospace, information technology, professional development. Both together more than 1000 enterprises users and machine tool manufacturers to truly realize the zero distance industry chain interaction, but also meet the user unit selection related equipment manufacturing required in an exhibition, truly "one-stop shopping"

The audience industry: motor vehicles and parts manufacturing, railway and vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding and marine engineering, aerospace, military, medical and pharmaceutical machinery, engineering machinery, general machinery, agricultural machinery, mold manufacturing, electrical industry, household appliances, IT industry and electronic industry, petrochemical and chemical machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical instrument instruments, new energy, steel and metal components, rubber and plastic machinery, printing machine, packaging machinery, textile machinery, surface treatment, new materials, etc..

The audience properties: production managers, procurement management, agents, distributors, and technical personnel, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, mechanical and scientific research in Colleges and universities.

Participation procedures:

1, complete and submit the application form

2, and the confirmation booth and cost

3, the signing of the formal contract and pay booth fees in accordance with the terms of the contract

4, to complete the preparatory work before the exhibition, exhibition a success

Note: the booth arrangement in accordance with the "first come, first arranged" principle

Exhibition date:

set up time: November 1-3, 2014

open time: 2014 November 4-8

Close: November 8-9, 2014